'General Editing Style Guidance for Captain Power Wikia':

  • When possible, title entries for characters as-if they were real people. For example, Jonathan Power rather than Captain Power and Michael Ellis rather than Lt. Michael Ellis or Tank. Use character's names rather than their nicknames, ranks, or titles. That information can be given in the character's entry itself. Similarly, the entry name for the Wardogs is Wardog Company since "Wardogs" is a shortened nickname rather than the unit's full and formal title.
  • When possible, title toys or item entires by referencing some official title given to the toy or item. For example, instead of Tank Action Figure use Lt. Tank Ellis since that's the title on the toy's packaging. Also, beware that many items seem to be spelled in a non-standard way in the show's official materials. For example, OverMind rather than Over Mind' or Overmind. When possible, stay with the way the official show materials spell names and titles.
  • Fan fiction and speculation are great additions to entries, but please keep any non-cannon information to a seperate non-cannon or fan sub-section you add to the entry.
  • Combine entries wherever possible! For example, none of the toy links on this wikia's front page link to a seperate entry for that toy, but all to that toy's subsection in the same Toyline entry. Similarly, all of the Wardog character links (like Vi and Cherokee) go to their subsection of the general Wardog Company entry rather than seperate entries. As a slogan: "Less entries, more subsections!"
  • This Wikia is about everything in the Captain Power Universe, not just what appeared on the show. For example, if a character only appears in 2nd season scripts or only mentioned in an interview with writers, that character still deserves a place in this Wikia. Even fan fiction can be included, but please keep that to a seperate fan fic section of an already existing entry or to a subsection of the (as yet to be created) one all-things-fan-fiction entry.
  • For entries for people or things with importance beyond simply Captain Power Universe, don't create an entry for them or it on this wikia. Instead, link to and work on the already existing Wikipedia or IMBd entry for that person or thing. For example, Captain Power Wikia does not need to include new entries for each of the actors involved in the show. Instead, link to and go work on that actor's Wikipedia entry. Wherever possible, ensure that Captain Power Wikia does not have duplicate entries for things or people that already have entries on Wikipedia.