Chip Morrow
Portrayed by Barry Flatman
First appearance The Intruder
Last appearance
Biographical informaion
Date of birth
Date of death
Gender Male
Species Human
Military service
Identification "TNT"; "Andy Jackson" (alias).
Allegiance Human Resistance
Military rank Private
Branch of service Earthforce Marines

Character Biography Official Show Materials Edit

Demolitions Expert

TNT is a demolitions artist. He can rig an explosion to destroy an entire complex or a single, vital microchip with equal skill Chip served with the Earthforce Marines in the last battle of the Metal Wars (known as Operation Condor). His mission was to rig a Trionic blast which destroyed three Dread installations at the same time. It worked, although the battle itself was ultimately lost to Dread's Bio-Mech forces.

After Operation Condor, Chip worked with a partner named Jim, both fighting Dread in their own way. At one time, using an alias of "Andy Jackson", he crossed paths with Captain Power, who was impressed with his skills, but unready to take on a new member.

Later, while saving Chip's life, Jim was killed by BioDreads. Now alone, Chip decides to seek out the Captain again and offer his services to the team.

Chip is wildly attracted to Ranger, who shuns him at every opportunity. Chip would love to be the object of Ranger's affection while Ranger would rather suck on a grenade. Their banter could peel paint .....