"I am Lackki - I live to Serve' - and thus, we are introduced to one of the most innocuous looking spies in the Dread Empire.

Lackki is a mutated Bio-Dread - a grossly imperfect version of Blastarr. When Power and his team stopped the influx of power to the 'birthing chamber' in Volcania during the Charon phase of Project New Order, the resulting shortage of power meant that the process could not be completed - thus, Lackki was born.

Lackki and Blastarr by implication are brothers but from the start, he is treated as an outcast - imperfect and useless. Dread's reaction to Lackki is consistant with the perception of the perfect, flawless gleaming machine - he hates Lackki. Overmind on the other hand seems to welcome Lackki into the family enthusiastically - but for dark reasons that we soon learn about.

Lackki gets his name from Dread's irritated remark when Overmind presents Lackki "I don't need a lackey.." he exhorts - and so, Lackki becomes it's name. Lackki remains surreptiously in the background - reminding Dread occasionally of his presence with his ever faitful exhortation of servitude: ' I am Lackki, I live to Serve.'But we soon realise who he really serves when Lackki is revealed to us as Overmind's spy. Dread too soon realises Lackki isn't the mere nuisance he thinks it is - and sets out to get rid of Lackki before Overmind gets an upper hand. In the episode 'Retribution' Dread conspires to have Lackki electrocuted by getting it to step on an exposed wire. Lackki is short circuited but as he is carried out, reminds Dread [rather ominously] 'I am not dead yet'. [NB: David Steigers suggests that there was some uncertainty over the future of Lackki - he indicates that the writers had decided to write off Lackki for good but the line 'I am not dead yet' was added in post-production by the powers to be, who did not want Lackki dead.]