Stuart Gordon Power
Portrayed by Bruce Gray
First appearance "A Summoning Of Thunder, Part 1
Last appearance "A Summoning Of Thunder, Part 2"
Biographical informaion
Date of birth 2092
Date of death 2132?
Place of death Volcania?
Death circumstances believed to be the consequences of a fight with Lyman Taggart
Gender Male
Species Human
Children Jonathan Power, son
Military service
Allegiance Human Resistance
Military rank civilian

Dr. Stuart Gordon Power, Ph.D., was born in 2092 and presumably died in 2132, at the age of 40. In his last years, he was the designer and creative force behind the Power Base, the Power Suits, the Jump-Ship, and the XT-7 Phoenix which The Soldiers Of The Future, also called "The Power Team," still employ on regular bases. With Dr. Lyman Taggart(who subsequently became the cyborg Lord Dread), he also created the super-computer OverMind, which he came to regret when Taggart connected himself to it and became corrputed by it. Alone, he created another super-computer, "The Mentor," for his son Jonathan Power.