The Phantom Striker is Lord Dread's personal aircraft. For that reason, it is also called "The Dread-Jet." Finished in black as contrasted against the white finish of the XT-7 Phoenix, it was shown in "A Summoning Of Thunder, Parts One And Two."

Bio Dread Vehicle Systems Analysis - FILE # 071962

DESCRIPTION: Phantom Striker - so named for its unusual stealth capabilities. Air ship uses advanced particle-beam system for weapons-systems and for radar-smart defensive shield. Craft Design: A-1 Fighter Class unit with fully-armed Particle-Beam Cannon systems. Storage cell systems holds energy for battle engagements as required.

SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: Craft is designed for air speed of Mach 19. Craft has unique wing-design which will allow for evasive and offensive air techniques unprecedented in previous battlecraft configurations. Multinium Steel structure gives the ship lightweight hull while providing maximum protection.

DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS: Craft is armed with full-load particle beam generators capable of generating massive payloads to targets. Particle Beam generators also provide continuous deflector shields during flight.

OFFENSIVE SYSTEMS: Offensive capabilities are awesome. Particle beam generator and blast systems regenerate as required. Heat-seeking laser-guided targeting system assists operator by illuminating when target is "locked-in".

CURRENT STATUS: Craft is utilized by Lord Dread himself during forays into the world. Phantom STriker is capable of keeping pace with the WARLORD class of Bio Dreads, giving Lord Dread a transportation and attack system equal to his strongest creations.

WARNING: Phantom Striker is powered by Particle Beam generation systems. Maximum force available to craft is capable of "melt-down" intensity. Recommend all soldiers and allies steer clear of unit. HIGH LEVEL OF DAMAGE for all humans in 200 mile radius of Phantom Striker


Original Price: $32.99 on sale for $29.99 (Toys 'R' Us, Cheltenham, PA) Model number: 4154 © 1987 Landmark Entertainment Group, used under licence by Mattel Requires 2 "AA" batteris and 1-9V battery, not included.