The year is the first number, the number after the dash is the month and the number after "Mark" is the day. I.e. 47-2 Mark 15 would mean February 15, 2147.

2032 Edit

32-6 Mark 14---Dread kidnaps Jonathan. Dr. Stuart Gordon Power is killed at Volcania. The first powersuit is successfully activated by Hawk.

2047 Edit

47-1 Mark 7---Tank encounters Kesko.

47-2 Mark 10---Team destroys Dread's Energy Sub-Statio Zeta. Later Power and Pilot travel to San Francisco to meet up with Athena Samuels, an old friend of Power's.

47-3 Mark 7---Hawk is infected with a mysterious virus by a young boy.

47-3 Mark 14---Hawk is cured.

47-4 Mark 12---Team captures a troopers memory bank. Blastarr and Lackki ar born.

47-4 Mark 17---Dread attempts to convince Jessica Morgan that she should be the designer of the new "human" form.

47-5 Mark 13---Team encounters the Wardogs.

47-5 Mark 20---Andy Jackson sneaks into the Powerbase.

47-6 Mark 14---Power visits his father's grave.

47-7 Mark 3---Power and Hawk are captured by an old military unit with an insane general.

47-7 Mark 12---Team encounters an imposter Captain Power.

47-8 Mark 4---Team travels to Tech City, Texas. Dread and Power go head to head in the Cyberweb.

47-8 Mark 10---Pilot infiltrates Dread's Med-Lab One.

47-8 Mark 16---Dread implements the Styx phase of Project New Order. Tank is infected and runs amuck.

47-8 Mark 30---Team encounters Freedom One.

47-9 Mark 14---Team discovers Haven.

47-10 Mark 15---Team travels to Darktown to help set up the new EdenII checkpoint.

47-11 Mark 26---Dread implements the Icarus and Prometheus phases of Project New Order. The team attacks Volcania to stop him.

47-12 Mark 15---Team celebrates their victory over New Order.

47-12 Mark 22---Dread lashes back.

47-12 Mark 24---Team sets up a Christmas Tree.

47-12 Mark 25---Dread attacks the Powerbase. Pilot is killed trying to save the powersuits and Mentor.