The Soldiers of the Future figure, vehicle, and playset toyline.


The Bio-Dread Empire figure, vehicle, and playset toyline.



Five of the six Series 1 Figures

Series 1

Captain Power
Lt. Tank Ellis
Major Hawk Masterson
Blastarr Ground Guardian
Soaron Sky Sentry
Lord Dread

Series 2

Corporal Pilot Chase
Sergeant Scout Baker
Colonel Stingray Johnson
Tritor Ocean Attack Warlord

Captain PowerEdit

Packaging and Instructions Text

Captain Power: Leader of the heroic Soldiers of the Future

Model No: 3895 Bar code: 74299 03895 Captain Power and associated trademarks are owned by Landmark Entertainment Group, used under license by Mattel.

© Landmark Entertainment Group 1987. All Rights Reserved. Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne, CA 90250 U.S.A. Authorized User. Made In Malaysia. Manufactured for Mattel. 3895-0910.

Conforms to Safety Requirements of ASTM F963-86

Intensity of light beams for illustration only.

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Datacard Text

OVERMIND DATA FILE - TOP SECRET Captain Power Date: 9.21.2199

Full Name: Captain Jonathan Power.
Strategic Rank: Leader of the Heroic Soldiers of the Future.
Military Background: Raised by his father, Dr. Stuart Power, to be the ultimate Bio-Dread Destroyer.
Characteristics: Dedicated...skilled in all forms of tactical weapons & warfare...relentless in battle.
Known Weakness: Strange human emotion known as "caring" makes him most vulnerable when safety of companions is threatened. NOTE: Obsessed with locating his father whom he believes still lives.
Major Tactical Weapon: Power Blaster.
Special Feature: Chest energy shield lights up when activated by Power On energizer.
Military Insignia: Phoenix Rising - The symbol of man rising from the ashes of the terrible Metal Wars...a symbol of hope & freedom.
Current Status: #1 enemy of Bio-Dread Empire. ATTACK ON SIGHT.
Warning: Power Suit greatly enhances strength...Do not underestimate.

Lt. Tank EllisEdit

Major Hawk MastersonEdit

Corporal Pilot ChaseEdit

Sergeant Scout BakerEdit

Colonel Stingray JohnsonEdit

Blastarr Ground GuardianEdit

Soaron Sky SentryEdit

Lord DreadEdit

Tritor Ocean Attack WarlordEdit



Bio-Dread Empire Vehicles

Series 1

Powerjet XT-7
Phantom Striker

Series 2

A.T.R. Proton Cannon
Dread Stalker
Mobile Sky Bike Launcher
Anti-Personnel Patroller
Blastpak 1200

Powerjet XT-7Edit

Phantom StrikerEdit



A.T.R. Proton CannonEdit

Dread StalkerEdit

Mobile Sky Bike LauncherEdit

One of the two rarest items from the Captain Power toyline (the other being the Anti-Personnel Patroller), the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher was only released in Europe and only in very small numbers. According to the Captain Power Lives! Blog 2011 price guide, the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher seems to fall in the $150-250 USD prince range when sold online.

The vehicle comes with two small sky bike toys and one mobile launcher vehicle. There is also a location on the back of the mobile launcher vehicle where the Blastpak 1200 can be "plugged" in.

Anti-Personnel PatrollerEdit

One of the two rarest items from the Captain Power toyline and possibly the rarer of the two (the other being the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher), the Anti-Personnel Patroller was only released in Europe and only in very small numbers. According to the Captain Power Lives! Blog 2011 price guide, the Anti-Personnel Patroller seems to fall in the $200-300 USD price range when sold online.

As with the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher, there is also a location on the back of the Anti-Personnel Patroller where the Blastpak 1200 seems to be able to be "plugged" in but nothing is mentioned about this in the Patroller's included instructions.

Blastpak 1200Edit

Sold only in Europe, either packaged alone or packaged with the XT-7 or Phantom Striker jets.

On the box artwork for the Blastpak 1200 individual packaging a Bio-Dread Empire vehicle is depicted in two separate pictures for which there exists no further information. Presumably this was concept artwork for an unproduced vehicle, possibly a Bio-Dread Empire version of the Mobile Sky Bike Launcher.


Series 1

Power On Energizer
Power Base

Series 2

Trans-Field Communication Station
Trans-Field Base Station
Wind-up Soaron Beam Deflector
Blastpak 1200

Power On EnergizerEdit

Original Price: $19.99 (Toys 'R' Us, Cheltenham, PA) Model number: 4115 © Landmark Entertainment Group, 1987. All Rights Reserved. Instructions: 4115-0920 Uses 4 "AA" batteries, not included.

PowerOn Energizer Datacard

OVERMIND DATA FILE - TOP SECRET Power Base Systems & Equipment -- File #PB-11357 Description: Power On Energizer is the storage center for molecularization processing. Directly tied to the Powersuits utilized by Captain Power and his Soldiers of the Future, this Energizer System is prototypical and no other such unit exists. Molecular-reforming characteristics are not understood in entirety at this time. Unit was designed by Dr. Stuart Power. Its full power is not known. Systems Engineering: Exact configuration of system is not known presently. Intelligence believes the main system makes use of combined solar and molecular re-structuring for energy generation. Interactive components utilized in "power on" sequence for molecular formation of powersuits remains unknown.

Defensive Systems: Unknown at this time.

Offensive Systems: Unknown at this time. [Note: Power On Energizer contains massive power storage and generation capabilities - therefore: Assume high level of danger and offensive capabilities contained within unit.]

Current Status: Unit is housed within the Para-Military Complex known as The POWER BASE. Location remains unknown to the Empire at this time. All Bio Dreads are programmed to seek and destroy this rebel fortress. Information on the location of The Power Base, or on The Power On Energizer is to be transmitted to Lord Dread without fail.

Warning: Power On Energizer contains both Solar and Molecular Re-structuring Generation Systems. Concentrated configurations of such energy would provide beams more powerful than known laser, ion and proton systems. ALL CLASSES OF BIO DREADS SHOULD TREAT ANY SIGHTING WITH EXTREME CAUTION AND WITH FULL DEFENSE SYSTEMS OPERATIVE.


Trans-Field Communication StationEdit

Trans-Field Communication Station Datacard

Transfielddatacard-side1 Transfield-side2

Trans-Field Base StationEdit

Wind-up Soaron Beam DeflectorEdit

Power BaseEdit

Power Base Photos

Powerbasetoy-photo1 Powerbasetoy-photo2 Powerbasetoy-photo3 Powerbasetoy-photo4 Powerbasetoy-photo5 Powerbasetoy-photo8 Powerbasetoy-photo9 Powerbasetoy-photo7

Role-Playing ToysEdit

Power Laser
Major Hawk Masterson Ion Blaster Cap Rifle Set
Lt. Tank Ellis Protonblaster
Sonic Blaster Rifle
Sonic Stinger target Game Set
Action Command Set
Dart Gun Set
Dart Gun Target Game
Dart Gun Target Game Set
Knock Down Target Game Set
Power Suit Target Game Set
Utility Belt Dart Gun Target Game Set
Water Pistol
Battery Operated Water Pistol
Battery Operated Water Pistol Action Set
Battery Operated Water Rifle

Power LaserEdit

Major Hawk Masterson Ion Blaster Cap Rifle SetEdit

Lt. Tank Ellis ProtonblasterEdit

Sonic Blaster RifleEdit

Sonic Stinger Target Game SetEdit

Action Command SetEdit

Dart Gun SetEdit

Dart Gun Target GameEdit

Dart Gun Target Game SetEdit

Knock Down Target Game SetEdit

Power Suit Target Game SetEdit

Powersuit-photo1 Powersuit-photo2 Powersuit-photo3

Utility Belt Dart Gun Target Game SetEdit

Water PistolEdit


Battery Operated Water PistolEdit

Battery Operated Water Pistol Action SetEdit

Battery Operated Water RifleEdit



Themed ItemsEdit

Bed Sheets
Pillow Case
Sleeping Bag
Glass Cups
Corn Flakes Boxes, Stamps, and Stickers
Burger King Meal Boxes
Birthday Party Accessory Pack
Birthday Cake Candles
Helmet Masks
Loot Bags
Walkie Talkies
Carrying Case
Bandai Handheld Video Game
Trading Cards
Adventure Log
Computer Game

Bed SheetsEdit

Pillow CaseEdit

Sleeping BagEdit


Glass CupsEdit


Corn Flakes Boxes, Stamps, and StickersEdit

Burger King Meal BoxesEdit



Birthday Party Accessory PackEdit

Birthday Cake CandlesEdit

Helmet MasksEdit

Loot BagsEdit





Walkie TalkiesEdit


Carrying CaseEdit


Bandai Handheld Video GameEdit

Trading CardsEdit


Adventure LogEdit

Computer GameEdit

Promotional ItemsEdit

Promotional Pin
Promotional Store Display Poster


Dread Trooper
Dread Commander
T.R.A.C. 5000
Sky Bike ST-300
Resistance Ambush Pod
Missile Lock Indicator
Bio-Dread Armoured Destroyer
Season Two Jet(s)

Dread TrooperEdit

Dread CommanderEdit

T.R.A.C. 5000Edit

Sky Bike ST-300Edit

Resistance Ambush PodEdit

Missile Lock IndicatorEdit

Bio-Dread Armoured DestroyerEdit

Season Two Jet(s)Edit


Captain Power (Japan)
Lt. Tank Ellis (Japan)
Major Hawk Masterson (Japan)
Blastarr Ground Guardian (Japan)
Soaron Sky Sentry (Japan)
Lord Dread (Japan)
Powerjet XT-7 (Japan)
Phantom Striker (Japan
Interlocker (Japan)
Power On Energizer (Japan)
Captain Power Bootleg Model (Japan)

Japantoy-captainpower-photo1 Japantoy-captainpower-photo3 Japantoy-captainpower-photo5 Japantoy-captainpower-photo6 Japantoy-hawk-photo1 Japantoy-hawk-photo2 Japantoy-tank-photo1 Japantoy-tank-photo2 Toy-japan-blastarr Japantoy-captainpower-photo2 Japantoy-captainpower-photo4 Cpjapanesetoyrelease-photo1 Cpjapanesetoyrelease-photo2 Cpjapanesetoyrelease-photo3 Cpjapanesetoyrelease-photo4 Japanesecpmodel-photo1 Japanesecpmodel-photo2


Tank Bootleg Figure (Mexico)
Captain Power Bootleg Figure (Mexico)
Soaron Bootleg Figure (Mexico)